My mission is to practice and teach unconditional joy, good contact with oneself and allignment with entire world.

I know that life can be full of miraclous joy, bliss and love. It is incredibly easy, you just need to chose unconditional joy. The condition of success is full freedom, listening to oneself and following one’s bliss, what is alive in you, what really moves you, listening to this subtle signals that universe is sending you. Then comes trust and courage to go for what your intuition is calling you to. I love based in trust free improvisation generating full flow. My path is the path of connection with others, of openess, tenderness, full authenicity and listening to the Truth and practicing gratitude. I also practice smart, calm and trusting care for the world. My tool for this is the Laughter Yoga.

I am the first Polish Certified Laughter Yoga teacher, I have learned this unique practice combining unconditional laughter with breathing exercises from Yoga in India directly from its founder, Madan Kataria, a medical doctor. There were few enthusiasts trying Laughter Yoga in Poland before me but I am proud to be the pioneer of this method in my country as it was me who succesded in getting the best professional training and sharing the practice with over 150 my students – Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders. I am everywhere promoting laughter which is independent from our mood and external conditions, which is a sign of our commitment to joyful and loving way of life. I often sąy that my mission in Poland is to turn this country often considered to be a not excessively happy one to the most laughing one. I lead open sessions in parks, workshops in yoga and personal development centers, special sessions for companies, schools and organizations, and even I visit with my trainings social care houses, hospitals and prisons.

In my previous professional life I was a social scientist and press journalist but found spreading directly experienced joy to be much bigger thing. I have good background in yoga as I have practiced hatha yoga for 12 years and yogic philospophy in India, I am also passionate dancer of contact improvisation and I happen to create and publish poems. I cooperate on regular basis with leading yoga and personal development centers in Poland.

My Laughter Story

My spiritual quest started many years ago when I started to ask questions around the sources of suffering and ways of overcoming it. I have experienced most of the challenges that people in world of today experience: relationships’ breakdowns, health and financial challenges. I have aslo enocuntered in me a craving for a more meaningful life, something more than just studying. working, working, social stuff, family life and eventually death. My quest stopped to be a philosophical concept when my father was diagnosed with cancered and went through several brain operations and evdntually passed away. I was desperate for some source of peace and joy when everybody around me is experiencing stress and sorrow.


And I have found some asylum in yoga and meditation but discovering the always present source of unconditional joy in India in the form of Laughter Yoga has changed my life completely. I have regained trust in life and new mission for myself as the one who awakes joy and spreads peace and love, something that I have always asked for but did not know how.


I say that Laughter Yoga has found me when I was ready to meet her. When I was about to finally make my long time dream true and travel to India thanks to love and support of my wife Aneta, I just entered the Laughter Yoga website. I found out that in the time that I will be in India there is a teachers trainngs by dr Kataria and suddenly started to run, laugh and clap my hands as if my inner child knew that this is IT! The mind quickly started to have second thoughts but I was smart enough to listen to my heart’s voice, to follow what is calling me. Please never ignore these kind of signs when your heart starts to sing! So I have done training as Laughter Yoga teacher in Bangalore, India from dr Kataria and enjoyed it a lot. I took up the challenge from dr Kataria to keep laughing for some 15 minutes a day for at least 40 days no matter what.

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Coming back to Poland, I have established the first Laughter Club in Warsaw. I kept coming no matter what. Sometimes many people came, sometimes just me. But I did not give up and kept on with the pracitice. And wonders started to happen. I started to have invitations to lead workships in yoga centers, sessions in companies, for elderly people in social care centers, for cancer patients, so I started to travel around the country with my workshops. I have even walked into a mental hospital and prison for the first time but as a professional leading special Laughter Yoga sessions. Then media strated to come. Each week at my Laughter Club we had one of leading Polish teleevisons, radios and newspapers. And then when I felt that all of them have already covered the issue, I got a call from Moscow and in few days my laughter club was a main news in the first channel of national Russian TV (link


Then I felt that I have gathered enough diverse experience of leading Laughter Yoga with various groups so I started to run the Laugher Yoga leaders courses under the licence from dr Kataria. I happened to be very succesful in this and many of my students has become great leaders spreading Laughter Yoga in many places and froming more laughter clubs. So far I have trained over 150 leaders in more than 15 trainings in 4 cities. My story continues. There is a place for you in it!

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