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Welcome to new happy universe!

A one, where energy flows easily and living is simply light and pleasant. And joy, laughter and new perspectives are accessible at every moment.

For the brave ones

At the course you will experience what the Laughter Yoga really is

The job of the future

80% of people are your potential clients from kindergartens through corporations to the senior centres

A quick change

One weekend or 5 evenings is enough for you to start teaching!

I certify

Since 2013 I have certified over 500 Laughter Yoga professionals


Stress? What stress? Where has it gone? As all our team is laughing!


Abracadabra and we all feel like talking with each other and doing more creative stuff


The best ideas don’t come to you at your office desk. They require endorphins!

Special events

Even if you invite to your event Mick Jagger, I am sure all people will remember Laughter Yoga.


We don’t dig inside you. We play and laugh with you..


I am into energy boosting, I help people create new out-of-the-box books and projects.


As you feel happy at the workshop, you get inspired to make your life look more like a great workshop.

Family friendly

Laughter Yoga is basically for everybody. I love making 3 generations laugh together.

All levels

We provide energy of joy as well to the preschool folks as to pretty serious law or medicine students.

Special events

I am sure you have not had so far such great party at school

We train teachers

A teacher radiating with joy? And a fun learning process? We can do it!

United in joy

Laughter Yoga has a power to bring together all the school community including parents.

Piotr Bielski

I brought Laughter Yoga to Poland and now offer it worldwide

Maybe I come from a different galaxy. But I am successful in enjoying this a bit too flat planet. In 2012 I lost my father and felt sad. I decided to change it and went to India to get trained by the founder of the Laughter Yoga, dr Madan Kataria. During a week training I learned more useful stuff than during 10 years of academic education including PHD studies in social sciences. I happened to be the first person from my country to discover Laughter Yoga.
Back home, I got into prison. Of course as a Laughter Yoga trainer to lead classes with nice guys that just happened to commit one or two not so nice things. I started a social club in a park in centre of Warsaw and after a year I have been with Laughter Yoga in all the most important national medias having celebrities on board of my trainings. I also happened to be a protagonist of a programme of Russsian national television, probably the most positive news from Poland so far for the Russian audience. I have trained in Laughter Yoga Polish elite including special session for just scholars and deans of probably the best university. Something that was aimed to be initially some extra activity helped me to boost my energy level so much that it became my profession.
Now I live in a beautiful house in a quiet forest in central Poland with 3 girls, one of them being my wife and 2 other daughters. And from here I lead online Laughter Yoga sessions and personal development workshops having participants from all over the world. Thank You God/ Universe / Higher Self, however we name it, I am so grateful. And eager to share my love, knowledge and experience with you

See my own music video

know-how of joy

Entertainment, which is as powerful as therapy. A therapy, which is about movement. A movement that is a great entertainment. This is our field of work between and beyond. Do you like the concept?

Become the Laughter Yoga teacher!

I simply love working with people who know what they want. And those who simply enjoy new things and want to start all the revolutions from themselves. So I pass to you all my know-how, passion, love and experience. So you make then your worlds happy. 

Since 2013 I have led hundreds of group and individual courses. Face-to-face and online. I know the joyful being inside of you is already happy. Respect its joy, the moment of power is always now!

For more information just contact me directly 🙂

Laughter Yoga for the Business World

Win Win. You simply need light, pleasant and joyful work environment. And I like to change the world and make money sharing such vibration with you. Laughter Yoga is a magical wand that will help you increase your social and creative capital. I am not modest. I am simply great at brining joy. And in Poland most of the banks have already ordered Laughter Yoga session with me.

I want it! Send me your offer! Watch my corporate video in English

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